Halal Cosmetics | Lush | Phoenix Rising

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 23.16.52 My lovely friend Libby (Gingerbreadbuttons.com) gifted me the Phoenix Rising bath bomb from Lush for my birthday and I thought I would save it for an occasion whereby I would be in desperate need for it. Because I’ve been suffering from a chest infection this week, I thought it would now be the appropriate time to whip it out. And oh my word! This was my first official ‘Lush bath’ and what a way to kick of this new obsession. The bath bomb made the water a warming purple colour with a gold shimmer which made the bath incredibly inviting and with the green surprise on the inside, it only made the bath more exciting. With scents such as cinnamon and other spices, it made the bath smell warming which is just what I needed considering I wasn’t feeling particularly good. This helped me to relax which made breathing a lot easier for me. The cocoa butter and shea butter also made my skin super soft which was an additional bonus. Also because it is vegan this also makes it halal which is great as it has no animal product in it!

Overall, Phoenix Rising gets:


Ciao for now



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