Fazals Cafè | Halal Places To Eat



Fazals Cafè on Westgate Road, Newcastle is the perfect place if you want that “American diner experience”.

This beautifully spacious diner, is somewhere I often come with my friends and enjoy when I need somewhere to just unwind. The food that I have eaten here is some of my favourite food that I have ever had (besides my mamas cooking).

On the menu, there is something for everyone ranging from american style burgers, to lasagnas to shepherds pie and even asian cuisine such as samosa chaat, chicken pakoras and curries.

The other day I decided to go back there with my chummy Yasmina (www.thejulyjournal.com) to recapture the experience.



For food I decided to go for Samosa Chaat. Samosas are pastries that are filled with meat/veg mixed with spices and are served with a mix of tomato, cucumber, potato, coriander and yogurt, which is otherwise known as a chaat. The chaat was topped with chilli sauce and finished with balsamic vinegar. Overall it was very tasty and is possibly one of my all time favourites on the menu by far. Even though it is a starter size, it is still filling (for me anyways) and is incredibly delicious.

Price: £3.45


Yasmina had the chicken pakoras which I sampled. They were extremely flavourful and tender. Along with this, garlic sauce is a great compliment with it.

Price: £2.95


I then ordered desert. I decided to go for double chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream. The cakes are freshly baked and are deliciously soft, moist and rich. You get a big portion of cake and a large scoop of ice cream which is very filling and very good for the price.

Price: £3.95

Overall I was very happy with the food, service and company (of course). I will be coming back again and very soon.

Fazals Cafe gets 5/5

Ciao for now



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