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Ladies and Gents, spring is here and this can really be felt with the beautiful weather that we’ve recently been experiencing. So nothing would be better than kicking off this beautiful season with an Easter inspired bath bomb from Lush.

Now, my chummeh, Yasmina (TheJulyJournal.com) nonchalantly decided to buy me Hoppity Poppity bath bomb as a random present which I muchly appreciated ❤

I was super excited about using this because I had heard a lot of good reviews about this bath bomb and finally the time had come to experience this myself.


One thing that enticed me about this bath bomb when reading about it, was the fact that it had popping candy within it. Now obviously this made me a bit apprehensive when using it.

Random Thought: I’m going to go on bit of a tangent here but you know when you’re eating popping candy and you get that one piece that pops unexpectedly and hurts SO BAD. I was worried that this would happen somewhere on my body!

…Luckily it didn’t #Spoilers

When placing the bath bomb into the water, it began to make the water a very light lavender (one of my FAVOURITE COLOURS AT THE MOMENT) which I really enjoyed. Instantly the popping candy could be heard, however rather than it being loud, it was subtle but still FUN!


The smell of lavender made me very relaxed and the hint of lime counteracted this and gave it a little bit of a kick, making it very refreshing and uplifting. It was also incredibly powerful filling the entire bathroom with this amazing scent. With all of the stress of university, this is just what I needed to help me breath and mentally prepare for the chaos of the next few months.

I enjoyed using this bath bomb and came out feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Im so glad it hopped into my life and kicked off spring perfectly, It made my skin feel incredibly soft and it didn’t take too long to dissolve which was an added bonus. The only thing that I didn’t like was, the colour that the bath bomb wasn’t very bright and made the water a little too light for my liking.

Overall Hoppity Poppity gets 4/5

Also because it is vegan, it can hop into that Halal pile.

Ciao for now



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