Red Mezze | Halal Places To Eat

Red Mezze, located in Newcastle’s city centre is the perfect place to experience authentic and tasty Turkish food. I decided to take a little detour with my friend Robina ( to grab a bite…and oh boy was it a good decision. With a variety of different items on the menu ranging from traditional Turkish cuisine to more well known items, there is surely something there for everyone to enjoy. We both opted for the lunch special that Red Mezze offers which was two starters and a main (that came with rice and salad) for the price of just £7.45! For my starters I decided to go for Cacik (a dish consisting of yogurt with chopped cucumber, dill, garlic and olive oil) and Saksuka (a dish combining aubergine, pepper and potato that is fried in olive oil and served with a tomato sauce). IMG_2360_Fotor I’m really glad I picked two starters that were very different from one another. The fresh flavours of the yogurt and the cucumber contrasted with the spicy yet tangy saksuka which was overall incredibly tasty and enjoyable. This was also served with strips of warm pitta bread which was a delicious addition to this started. I was very happy how the warm pitta was able to contrast with the cold starters (or mezze). For main choices, it was really difficult to actually choose what to get. In the end I decided to go for a half chicken that was served with rice and salad. IMG_2376_FotorIMG_2378_Fotor Now…I’ve been home for hours now and to be honest I’m still thinking about this food. Everything was just perfect. The skin on the chicken was crispy and incredibly flavourful and was soft and juicy. The salad that accompanied it was flavourful and delicious and was a great accompaniment. (That roast tomato on the side was on point as well!) Overall Red Mezze was a great experience and I would highly recommend it if you’re around the Newcastle area. Red Mezze gets 5/5

Ciao for now



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