Halal Cosmetics | Lush | Sakura

IMG_2441 IMG_2435 Today’s blog post takes us to the wondrous land of Japan, home of beauty, culture and nature. Sakura was one bath bomb that I was really excited to use as it reminded me of Japanese gardens and the sweet cherry blossoms. I decided to use this bath ballistic before bed as it was relaxing, floral and fragrant. It was admittedly a very simple bath ballistic however it did the job that I needed it too. With it containing zesty scents and zesty scents being my favourite, I did enjoy the scent of the lemon oil and orange which helped me relax and feel refreshed. The bath salts on the top of the bath bomb proved to be very moisturising for the skin and added a little colour to the water. However speaking of the colour that this bath ballistic made the bath, I was a little disappointed. I thought the green and pink on the top of the bath bomb would make the colour of the water a little more vibrant, however the colour became overpowered by the white froth of the bath ballistic. However overall, the colour was the only thing that disappointed me, other than that i thoroughly enjoyed this bath bomb and it made me feel incredibly relaxed and calm. Sakura truly let me kick off these hot summer days in true style! Also because this product has no animal products, it means this product is halal! Yay! Sakura gets 4/5

Ciao for now



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