Muslim Identity Tag

1). What is your favourite hijab?

My favourite hijab? Well I would have to say that it all very much depends on the outfit that I am wearing but my go to hijab that I wear a majority of the time would have to be my crinkle textured black hijab.

2). What is your go-to Islamic outfit?

My all time favourite go-to islamic outfit is my hooded black maxi dress with a loose top on top, with a cosy cardigan, my leather jacket and my chelsea boots.

3). Who is your favorite lecturer/scholar in Islam?

I have a few ranging from Zakir Naik to Yusuf Estes but I have to admit my all time favourite has to be Yasmin Mogahed. I like how she has the ability to teach about faith but in a relaxed way and can relate it to her life at times. I LOVE Yasmin Mogahed!

4). Where do you find inspiration when things seem difficult?

My family and friends.

5). If you could change something about your Mosque to make it better what would it be?

I would not change anything 🙂

6). What does your prayer rug look like?

Its a dark navy blue (TARDIS blue for all you whovians out there) with a yellow border.

7). How did you tie your hijab today? 

I tied it like I always do which is what I call the side swipe. I basically take the short side and make an angle across my forehead. I think its a unique style that I always use.

8). What are the islamic websites that you go to most frequently?

I would definitely have to say and I actually have both tabs open right now!

9). What kind of accessories do you wear with your hijab?

I don’t like to accessories my hijab, I think the way that I pin it is enough.

10). Have you ever been discriminated against because you are Muslim?

Yes, however everyone is always discriminated against for one thing or another. It’s not uncommon to be discriminated agains and although I don’t condone it and think its wrong, at the same time I’m strong.

11). Best advice anyone has ever given you?


Now its time for you to do this tag!

Ciao for now



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