Double Concentrates First Birthday Party Event

Hey guys, I’m baaaaack! Its been a while I know but there will be another blog post coming up explaining what has been up.

But today I am bringing you a blog post from when I got to go to Creative Agency, Double Concentrates 1st birthday party!

“Double Concentrate is a creative agency offering sustainable brand, design, advertising and marketing solutions. With no artificial ingredients; everything we do is bespoke, giving us a richness of flavour. Our creative juice includes a group of talented designers, copywriters, illustrators and web developers. We believe in keeping our design fresh by working with good people and organisations.

With great food, great company and great guests, it was surely a night to remember.

From a personal perspective, I think all the team members at Double Concentrate were just the nicest. There to chat about what they do and to have a laugh, it was truly a warm atmosphere.

It was great to network with everyone there and to meet lots of new people.

Check out Double Concentrate here :

Ciao for now



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