3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies | Recipe

brownies by hafzah 1


Brownies by hafzah 2

So whilst browsing youtube the other day, I noticed a video uploaded by Buzzfeed titled Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies You Need To Try and it honestly blew my mind!

Just seeing how simple it was showed me that I needed to try this recipe ASAP!

So after hassling my sister to run down to the corner shop to buy me some Nutella, I began my brownie making quest.

Here is what I did:


300g Nutella

2 eggs

60g flour

( I know riiiiight?!)

All that was left to do was to combine all three ingredients into a mixing bowl, and then pour the mixture into a tin that was covered in margarine to prevent the brownies from sticking (I know margarine is involved but its still 3 ingredients…OKAY?!).

(I also added a splash of milk because I felt the mixture was a little thick)

Then I placed it in an oven for 20 minutes at 180° and was left with deliciously soft chocolate brownies with minimal hassle!

I recommend a cold glass of milk with this to make it #OnPoint!

Now go ahead and make this delicious recipe…

…After all…who doesn’t love

Nutella, Ella, Ella, AY, AY, AY

Eating all the Nutella, Ella Ella, AY, AY, AY

Ciao for now



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