Vegan Festival | Newcastle | Haul

VEGAN FEST HAFZAH 5VEGAN GEST HAFZAH 8 VEGAN FEST HAFZAH 3VEGAN FEST HAFZAH 7VEGAN_FEST_HAFZAH_9_ VEGAN FEST HAFZAH 4 VEGAN FAST HAFZAH 6 I recently went to a vegan festival in The Assembly Rooms in Newcastle to see what the festival had to offer.

Now I’m going to come straight out and say that I am not vegan…if anything, I am a hardcore meat eater. However I love indulging and embracing new cultures and ways of life.

Therefore when I went I was thoroughly surprised at just how similar vegan and non vegan products are.

What I bought:

2 soy wax candles from Harpers candles.

The two scents that I got were Lavender Linen and Rose Refresher as they were the ones that were appealing at the time. (Although I’m gutted that I didn’t purchase the Jaffa Cake scented candle which was amazing). The scents were incredibly fresh and floral!

The second item I purchased was 6 cupcakes from Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes.

– 2 Oreo

-1 Mississippi Mud Pie

– 1 Choc Chip

– 1 Salted Caramel

– 1 Chocolate Orange

Overall I was very happy and I could not tell they were vegan. The Oreo cupcakes were definitely my favourite, with a rich Oreo buttercream icing which was INCREDIBLE!

The last thing I bought was vegan chocolate from Essy and Bella. I chose the Salted Hazelnut kind as this seemed the most appealing for me and it was amazing! Because it was 60% cocoa it was very dense and rich so it lasted me a while however it was delicious non the less.

Overall I was very happy with my products and was glad that I went. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and glad that I was able to expand my culinary mindset. For more information check out:

Ciao for now



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