Double Concentrate | #InternLife



You’re probably thinking, Hafzah…where have you been?

Well I have some explaining to do!

So as a PR student there is the obvious terror of looking for a placement for second year of university. Luckily I decided to start looking early and managed to get myself an amazing placement with what seems to be amazing people (I’m not going to say where yet, but keep an eye out for future blog posts)!

However, another amazing thing happened. When I went to the Double Concentrate Birthday Party I got talking to DC’s designer  and he managed to hook me up with a summer internship, as their blogger, social media maintainer and marketer!

Double Concentrate is a creative agency situated on Gateshead, offering sustainable brand, design, advertising and marketing solutions.

Go check out their blog HERE


I thought for this blog post, I will show you guys around the studio and my desk. Now, I’ve never had my own office desk, so I thought I would have to take advantage of this opportunity! The colour scheme had to stick with yellow so I had to stick with this colour scheme (hence the overload of yellow on my desk!)

…So here I am, being an intern for two months, and to be quite honest ITS BLOOMIN’ FANTASTIC! I’ve really grown as a person and loved every moment so far. Yes there has been blood, sweat and tears (literally), and there have been times where I have been stressed THE FUDGE OUT, but isn’t that what office life is all about!

I can happily say that I have definitely learnt so much so far, that is going to benefit me when I start second year of university and generally in life!

Anyways I’ll let you guys have a gander! Hope you guys enjoy

Speak soon!

Ciao for now



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