“You’re never around anymore…”

“You’re never around anymore!”

…This is one thing that is constantly being said to me more than anything else recently. Therefore I feel it is important to talk about where I have been…and also why I no longer have a social life, LOL!

So lets begin from the obvious and work from that, I think this is the easiest way to do this.

Firstly I am still an intern at Double Concentrate, a creative agency in the north east. For those who have followed me for a while will know this from my #InternLife blog.

Quick summary; when I began, I was hired as DC’s blogger however someone saw something in me (hurrah) as now I am the Social Media Manager and also heavily involved in marketing. I am extremely happy as this is going to benefit both my degree and my future in so many ways. Also the fact that I received this job in the summer after first year is a huge accomplishment for me. Also it helps that my colleagues are amaze #SquadGoals

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 20.15.14

Next up on the list is that university has been nothing but hectic! I thought first year was a struggle, but going into second year, first year was a breeze. However this is not to say that I’m not enjoying my degree, in fact I think I’m blessed that I have a small group of people on my course where we can all just chill during lectures (especially those 4 hour lectures).

I am also writing for two online magazines, Fashion North and Northern Lights along with doing their podcast which has been exciting of course but also really busy.


Besides all this I’m still continuing on with my own projects which I will hopefully reveal in the close future, but hopefully I will have more time to focus and come back to my blog.

Thanks for staying patient, love you all!

Speak soon!

Ciao for now



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