Tag, You’re It – Could Racial Tagging in the US be the End of Creative Careers for Muslims?


Hazfah Zamir - 99 redux– Words by Hafzah Zamir 

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

Hello, my name is Hafzah, and believe it or not…  I am a Muslim.  Back in the day you would have probably considered this as another trait of mine, but in today’s era, it’s apparently socially unacceptable.

Currently studying Public Relations at the University of Sunderland, I have always had a love of anything creative; from drawing, to painting, to writing, to theatre, to be honest the list could go on.  However with Donald Trump potentially enforcing tags on Muslims, if he is to win the upcoming elections in the USA, could this stop me and millions of other Muslims pursuing the careers that we have dreamt of?  And, more importantly, the careers we have worked hard on for years?

We all have labels, and nothing is wrong with that.  It’s just how society figures out a system.  It defines who we are.  Male or Female…

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