#ThoughtThursdays : How becoming a workaholic has ruined me

Today, I talk about how trying to gain as many job opportunities as possible has detracted me from the importance of real life.


This blog post is dedicated to my sisters, and also to my Mama, who I feel I have recently neglected.


So tonight, something happened that made me realise that I may be focusing on the wrong things in life. I FINALLY CLICKED AFTER A LONG TIME! 🎉🎉🎉

When I first started my degree, one of my lecturers told me that in my degree (Public Relations), two people could go against each other for a job. One could have a first class honours degree and no experience and another person could have a 2:2, however if they have built up this portfolio of work, they are more likely to get the job.


Now I know that I am not the brightest person out there, and I KNOW that I won’t be getting a first. So I immediately began building up that portfolio to a point where it has made me a raging workaholic that doesn’t want to do anything else but work.

And this has detracted me from the most important things in life which are family and friends. I have neglected everyone and just had my head set on getting as much work as I can done.

So things are about to change. More focus on family, friends and my blog. Less focus on work.

Im sorry to anyone I may have hurt or disappointed 💜

Thanks for sticking with me

Love you all so much



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