A Day in the Life with: Misophonia.


This week’s post comes from Hafzah Zamir. Hafzah has misophonia.
Misophonia, some people haven’t even heard about it. In fact it is so rare that when typed out onto a computer it comes up with a red line under it.
So, let me explain what misophonia is.
Misophonia (which can also be translated as Hyperacusis) literally translates to meaning the hatred of sound.
And believe it or not, this can ruin an individuals life.
Now, I’m one of those people that I have so many things wrong with me that I’m always ill, and some of these illnesses are way more severe than my misophonia, yet my misophonia is what seems to affect me the most.
Certain noises and frequencies of noises can make people react in different ways.
For me, its anger.
The main causes that trigger me are people eating loudly. It may seem pathetic to you, but the…

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