Happy Birthday, AQOF



So the much awaited day has arrived, where my baby blog is finally a year old.

When I was first starting this blog, it was for an assessment for my social media module at university. But after that semester, I persevered, and kept on working on it, finding new ways that I could improve my blog.

This turned into a love and I am so happy I continued to blog.

I feel I have grown so much as a blogger, now expanding and writing for other people as well as myself.

Here, I actually want to show you the progress I feel that I have made.

The photo above is my most recent photo that I have taken for my blog, showcasing the lovely bath cocktail I am going to have to celebrate this event…however…this was my first photo of a Lush review.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.01.09

Yikes! Now normally I wouldn’t post such things like this, however I can confidently say that in the past year, I have improved in both the quality of my writing and photography.


My blogs have varied and I am so grateful to those who have constantly read my blog and supported what I do.

Heres is to the first year and many more to come.


Love y’all




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