Pure Dusk Review | #FeelinFragrant



Perfume…it is one of those products that I’m very particular about. I mean don’t get me wrong, there will be countless amounts of perfumes that I smell everyday that I love, however when I think about me wearing that perfume daily, sometimes I can’t stomach it.

The first perfume that I ever purchased was Elizabeth Ardens PrettyI started wearing it when I was 17 and wore it all the way up until I was about to turn 20. However I soon realised that I couldn’t afford the perfume, if I wanted to stay in the strict budget I had set myself with my student loan.

However whilst waiting for a friend in New Look, I found myself at the perfume section of the shop. Whilst smelling each fragrance, I suddenly came across Pure Duskand it transported me back to all those memories I had with my Elizabeth Arden Pretty. I knew I had to buy it immediately, and then a week or so later, bought the rollerball version to keep in my purse.

The smell is both floral and musky. I have been told the smell is quite acquired and quite mature, however I still LOVE it. I know, bit boring sticking to the same fragrance, but it it one of those fragrances that is extremely comforting for lots of personal reasons.

Have any of you used this perfume before, and if now, what do you use.

Ciao For Now




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