Blogadan | Day 2 | Questions Muslims Get Asked During Ramadan

Now, I have a lot of non-muslim friends, who sometimes do not understand certain rulings when it comes to fasting. Here are the top 5 questions I have been asked:


You can’t even drink water?!

Oh dear…when I said I do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, I meant that I do not eat or drink. I really don’t know how I can explain this any other way.



You don’t eat or drink for 30 days?!

No, we do eat in the evening, I did say we don’t eat from sunrise to sunset. What…is it going to stay light for 30 days? Did I miss a memo or something?

giphy (1).gif


You must lose so much weight, right?

A lot of Muslims actually gain weight, due to all the snacking that can happen from sunrise to sunset. We eat…A LOT.

giphy (2).gif


What happens when you become HANGRY?

We don’t really get hangry…we just get tired and sleep….A LOT.

giphy (3).gif


And my favourite one:

How do you not…like….DIE?

 I literally do not have an answer for this, besides:

giphy (4).gif


Ciao for now



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