Blogadan Day 3 | Five Healthy Tips For Fasting

Fasting can be tough, especially with these particularly long 20 hour days. However, here are some tips that can help make your fast a little bit easier.


Avoid fried foods

Going from no food all day to consuming fried food can be bad for your diet, as digesting the food can be difficult. This can prove to cause serious damage to the body. I recommend that as an alternative, you eat foods that are boiled, grilled, steamed etc.


Avoid junk food

Junk food, much like fried is easy and tastes great. But similarly to what was said about fried food. Junk food is incredibly bad for your health and can cause problems with health.


Avoid ‘Thirst Triggers’

When I say ‘Thirst Triggers’ I mean those foods that make you incredibly thirsty. Common things that causes dehydration tends to be coffee and fizzy drinks. Because the most common trend with fasting is dehydration, by doing this, it will make it easier to drink plenty of water and foods that contains water.


Don’t skip on suhoor

We’ve all been tempted to skip on suhoor, yes I know, your bed is probably more comfier than the thought of getting up and eating. But you will regret it later on in the day, and by eating a balanced breakfast will prove to benefit your health.



As much as you probably don’t want too, it will help you keep energised and refreshed during the day. Even if it is a gentle stroll up and down your street.


Those are some of my fasting tips!

Let me know yours

Ciao for now



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