Blogadan | Day 4 | My Top Three Hand Creams

In Ramadan, when it comes to fasting, due to dehydration, this can result in skin becoming dry. I think it’s really important that you keep your hands moisturised as much as possible.

I have picked my top three favourites for you, that I have been loving this Ramadan.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 22.35.24.png

Neils Yard – Bee Lovely Hand Cream

This has to be my number one hand cream out of the three. I had heard a lot about Neils Yard, however because it is high end, it took a little more convincing. However when I saw a magazine containing the full sized bottle for £3 I thought now was the right time to give it a try. And I’m sure glad I did! My hands felt so soft and it helped with my eczema.


Palmers – Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion

Now this hand cream is a little bit on the dangerous side, because it smells so much like chocolate, that you may end up eating your own hands. I love the formula of this hand cream, and it does not leave my hands greasy. Considering the price, it is definitely worth the money.


The Body Shop – Coconut Hand Cream

The Body Shop is one of those shops that feels high end, but the products are definitely more on the highstreet budget scale. The Body Shop has never failed to disappoint, and this hand cream proves that. Although it is third in my top three, it is still a corker!


Tell me what your favourite hand creams are!

Ciao for now



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