Blogadan | Day 6 | Being a Radio Presenter [Expectations vs Reality]

So, I am a radio presenter, some of you know this and some of you may not know this. I have been a radio presenter for just over a year now, working at two stations. I present Sunday Breakfast on 107 Spark Sunderland, and am Station Manager/Presenter at 87.9 Newcastle Fast Fm.

Recently I was talking to a few friends who are also radio presenters and we were talking about the expectations we had before we had gotten into the industry and how being a radio presenter is a lot harder than it looks.


Here are a few of my favourite EvsR’s.


“It must be so good to be able to just go on and talk about what you want!”

Oh…OH! You think we just walk in and talk about what we want too? For the average three hour breakfast show, it takes hours to find content that has the balance of humour, news, and personal element. You cannot just walk into a show and just wing it!


“I’m going to ask to be a presenter.”

I don’t know if it it just me, but nobody starts off as a presenter. With me, I started off sitting in on shows, and then helping produce content, being a guest, and then eventually I became a presenter. And my first show wasn’t even Breakfast. I worked my way up to having the privilege to having the Sunday Breakfast slot.


Radio Duos: “I’ll only see them when I’m doing the shows!”

The person you are working with, don’t think you’re going to do shows with them and that is it. A lot of presenting duos, started off as friends first. The reason why this is important is because if there is tension or awkwardness on radio, the audience can sense it immediately, thats why the connection already has to be there, or else people will just switch off. [I am actually going to be covering why choosing your co-host is so important in an upcoming blog post].


“Y’all must be jamming out in music breaks”

NOOOO! We’re either prepping links, running social media, contacting other members of the team about certain issues that may have come up. The list could go on.


These are some of my favourite examples. Are you a radio presenter?

Let me know

Ciao for now





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